For Posterity

Ever have an old website you wanted to look up? I found my old web page through the Way Back Machine the other day. After the ex and I converted to Catholicism, I set up a page that shared our conversion story and offered a reading list for people wondering why anyone would ever do such a thing. I copied the text and pasted it below. Continue reading


Rape: Violence Not Required

Over the weekend, two Ohio teens were found guilty of raping a 16 year old intoxicated, incapacitated girl. There were many witnesses to the incident, who did not make an effort to help the girl or stop the teens who were violating her. The most telling part of the story was the testimony of one of the witnesses. From the Yahoo article:

“It wasn’t violent,” explained teammate Evan Westlake when asked why he didn’t stop the two defendants as they abused a non-moving girl that Westlake knew to be highly intoxicated. “I always pictured it as forcing yourself on someone.”

There is a grave misunderstanding of rape in our society. We watch shows like Law & Order: SVU and think that rape = a violent attack. If the victim walks away without any physical damage, it must not have been rape. Continue reading

Silent No More

Right after my eighteenth birthday I found out I was pregnant. This was well before I knew anything about Natural Family Planning and so I wasn’t paying any attention to my cycle, though I knew I was regular. My boyfriend and I weren’t using any form of contraception as we had been trying to abstain, having recently become Christian. I was just starting my second semester of community college and had only recently gotten my driver’s license. I was very young and naive. Continue reading

Support Local, Independent News!

Please sign this petition. Bay Area News Group is trying to discredit the Tri-City Voice’s (the paper I write for) qualification as a “newspaper of general distribution,” thereby impacting TCV’s ability to earn income from publishing legal notices. If this income was taken away, TCV would likely go out of business. The Tri-City Voice is a free, local, independent newspaper. Please support independent news and sign this petition. Thank you!

On All Souls’ Day

Now that the candy-comas have been induced and recovered from, we can focus on the holy days November brings. Halloween, for all its “controversy,” is really just the night before All Hallows, or All Saints’ Day. The focus of All Saints’ Day is that “great cloud of witnesses” Saint Paul mentions in his letter to the Hebrews (Heb. 12:1). As Catholics, we believe that we are not alone in our spiritual journey; we are surrounded by those who have gone before us in faith. The faithful who have clearly led lives of intense closeness to God await us in the afterlife and cheer us on in this race called life. The Church calls them Saints. Continue reading

Kimchi Jjigae

The boys were very generous in sharing their germs with me, so now I have a cold. In an effort to at least pretend to assist my immune system and purge myself of this bug, I made kimchi stew for dinner. It’s the perfect spicy soup for the cold and flu season.

This is the recipe I followed, though I made some alterations. I used Spam instead of pork belly, added four cups of beef broth instead of two cups of water, and forgot the ginger and scallions (I think I’ll add those to the leftovers tomorrow). I substituted Thai Red Curry Paste for Korean chili paste and left out the miso, because I have neither Korean chili paste nor miso. I added some noodles and shiitake mushrooms to make it more filling. Continue reading